Life in all forms is short.
I want to do what I can
in the spectrum of it.

My name is Nicholas Cramer 
I started Big Tooth Co. in Indianapolis, December 2015. It was inspired by the realization that my passion to build was almost entirely missing in my adult life. At the core of my woodworking and designs is the desire to create something
tangible and useful.  
I'm always experimenting, learning, and exploring
new techniques and styles of woodworking.
I'd love to craft whatever it is you're dreaming up. 

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Woodworking starts with a tree. In an effort to honor the material and give life back to the earth, for every tree I use or table I build, I, plant, re-plant, and rescue saplings that would otherwise have been cut down or trashed.

Each live edge piece, by nature (literally), is truly unique.  I am fascinated by the story that wood grain has to share.  While I put hours of work into each piece, the trees are the true heroes.  They grew tall and strong over the course of 50+ years, which is some hardcore dedication.  I believe in paying that dedication forward by planting and growing my own trees.