Black Maple - Fort Wayne, IN


Milled May 29, 2019

Old Lantern Trail

My aunt is basically my number one fan when it comes to my woodworking. She has reached out to me with potential leads, connected me with other small businesses, and has even tracked down logs from tree services within her neighborhood. I think she has even sent me pictures of downed trees while she is on nature walks.

This maple had been growing in her next door neighbor’s yard ever since she moved to Pine Valley some 25 years ago. My cousins and my siblings all played on and around and swung from this tree - not kidding. Thus, it was natural for her to run next door and ask the tree service to leave the main log and just roll it over into her yard.

This was a quick and easy one. Due to its’ diameter of ~24” and length of about 6’, I milled the slabs at 9/4 thick. There was some wormy, ambrosia color in there, and some great character in the crotch.

Who knows? I will probably be making something out of these slabs for my aunt once the dry!

These slabs will be dry by summer 2021.

Thank you, Patty!