"Atlas" Black Walnut Dining / Conference Table


(SOLD) $6,600


Being in the presence of this table makes us want to put on a helmet and chainmail, grab a bearded ax, and then go to a medieval battle… Claim mighty victory in that battle… and then come back to feast at this table. *queue the bodhran lute, flute, and nyckelharpa*

While the customer’s home is not a castle nor does it showcase a towering cobblestone wood-burning fireplace and stained glass windows, this table and its’ leg design just scream “modern middle age” - We absolutely love it.

This leg design underpins a very large three slab, 1-7/8” thick, black walnut table top well. The pair of steel “X’s” are painted in-house matte black, and are joined together with an ebony stained wood cross member. All fabricated in-house using heavy-gauge 4" x 2" rectangular steel. 9’ x 5” x 3” cross member.

We set the table in these photos roomy for eight guests, but you could easily squeeze in up to 16 using the ends.

Each piece is finished with a protective oil and hardwax blend for a beautiful and warm matte finish. Finish will not water-spot.

Dimensions (w/ legs):
148" L x  52" W x  30" H

*inquire for bench pricing*


Interested in something similar? Prices on smaller (5’ x 3’) live edge dining tables start at $2,400 + shipping.

*Any size is possible and we can create a wide range of leg styles!

* Lead time is an average of 4-6 weeks, depending on complexity.

* Also available for pickup in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne areas


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