"Half-Tree" Black Walnut Dining Table


(SOLD) $5,400


Easily the heaviest table to come out of the Big Tooth Co. shop, this monster of a table is made of so much wood it just had to be named “Half-Tree”… since it uses about an entire half of a black walnut tree. It also weighs as much as half of a tree too… Just ask the guys that helped me move this table - they will tell you!

There is a ton of new Big Tooth Co. design features debuted in this table. The first new and unique touch to this table is its’ “hybrid” live edge. With the corners cut squared and the entire length of the table edges lightly trimmed, this table showcases a rectangular shape while maintaining its’ live edge at the same time. We have grown to love the look of this hybrid design and will definitely feature it in future tables!

Thickness is a little off script from our typical table designs as well, but we have really grown to love the look and style of this table. The black walnut top is made with three slabs, finishing at 2-5/8” thick. The trapezoidal, 4-3/8” thick, legs are solid walnut as well.

We set the table in these photos roomy for four guests, but you could easily squeeze in up to 10 using the ends.

Each piece is finished with a protective oil and hardwax blend for a beautiful and warm matte finish. Finish will not water-spot.

Dimensions (w/ legs):
96" L x  44" W x  30" H

*inquire for bench pricing*


Interested in something similar? Prices on smaller (5’ x 3’) live edge dining tables start at $2,500 + shipping.

*Any size is possible and we can create a wide range of leg styles!

* Lead time is an average of 4-6 weeks, depending on complexity.

* Also available for pickup in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne areas


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